Dr Virimai Victor Mugobo


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” (William Arthur Ward)

About Me

I’m Dr Virimai Victor Mugobo.
I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

The mediocre teacher tells

As a teacher, I practice a lot of empathy and I possess a deep understanding of the difficulties that my students face in acquiring knowledge. Demonstrating passion for teaching and concern for the students, I view teaching as an educational partnership which inculcates a sense of self, motivation and inspiration to both the students and the teacher. Over the years, I have come to believe in the fact that if you are to achieve successful results in the classroom, you need to view your students as partners in the learning process 


My purpose in life is to be a great teacher who inspires his students to work hard in order to ensure they that they all successfully complete their studies within the minimum prescribed time.

Teaching at a university is a challenge with great and invaluable rewards. 

My students are, without exception, smart and motivated people with open minds; it is up to me to build on their intelligence, kindle their curiosity about learning and utilize their motivation.It is indeed my philosophy to inspire my students to learn in order to achieve great things. I always aspire to lead by example and thus my lectures are very practical and inspiring. I take my job as a calling and a service to my students, their parents and the community at large

Teaching & Learning

My teaching and learning approach is underpinned by critical educational theories such as the cognitive theory, behavioural theory, constructivist theory and social learning theory. I believe that my learners should be empowered to take control of their own learning journeys.


I am an established business and management sciences research. My areas of research interests include strategic brand management, entrepreneurship and economic development. My research work is strongly grounded in Pan Africanism and decoliniality.


As an academic, I believe that I have a major role to play in community development. I therefore run a number of community development projects targeting the empowerment of marginalised people such as the youth, women, the poor, refugees etc.


Blog on the impact of student-generated content still in the making

Dr. Virimai Victor Mugobo

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