Book Chapters

To date, I have contributed the following book chapters.

Book 1: Consumer Behaviour: South African Psychology and Marketing Applications
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Editors: M. Mpinganjira and M.A.O. Dos Santos
Chapter 10: Situational influences on consumer behavior
Author: Dr. Virimai Mugobo

Book 2: Anthropological Approaches to Understanding Consumption Patterns and Consumer Behavior
Publisher: IGI Global
Editors: Chkoniya, V,. Madsen, A, O,. & Bukhrashvili, P.
Chapter 9: Cross-cultural Differences and Similarities in Retailers’ Branding and Digital Maturity: A Cross-border Case Study
Authors: Mugobo, V,. Steenkamp, P,. Schmidt, H, J. & . Hesse, A.

Book 3 (in production): Co-teaching/researching in an Unequal World: Using Virtual Classrooms to Connect Africa, and Africa and the World
Publisher: Vernon Press
Editors: Zifikile Phindile Shangase, Daniela Gachago and Eunice Ivala
Chapter: Collaboration across cultures: Students perceptions and experiences of the X-Culture problem-based learning project
Authors: Mugobo Virimai and Eunice Ndeto Ivala

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