Week 3 Reflection

19 July 2021

                            Week 3 Reflection

At the end of week three, I feel that I have now been capacitated with the tools and techniques to be able to start working on my learning design project. I managed to come up with two personas that reflect the characteristics and demographic profiles of my students. I also did some personal reflection in order to determine my identity and the role that I can play in ensuring a significant and enjoyable learning experience for my students, an experience that should lead to their success. I also did a thorough analysis of my teaching environment and context and looked at its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. All these analyses culminated in the design and development of my empathy map, which is part of this course portfolio.

In this regard, I now have a full appreciation of my identity and the context in which I work. In terms of my learning design challenge, I finally made the decision to implement the two interventions that I was toying around with last week. The first one is the incorporation of the adaptive release system in my learning design and the second one revolves around the use of games as formative assessments (gamification of learning/play as learning).

The presentation on the personas and the empathy maps helped me in terms of understanding the situational factors around the course that I teach together with the context. I now have a full appreciation of my context and the learning challenges that my students are facing. Furthermore, I have made a choice as to the interventions that I am going to implement and in this regard I can confidently say that I have made some significant progress so far.

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